The Department of Transnational Studies

Past Events

Events 2008-2009

Professor Wendy Hesford, English Department, Ohio State University
Feminisms, Transnationalism & Human Rights in Sex Work
12:30- 2:30pm
509 O’Brian

Professor Hesford will speak on the intersections of sex work and the human rights of women and children. Drawing from the rhetorical convergences of humanitarian, cosmopolitan, nationalist, and feminist discourses, she will examine representations of sex work in the 21st century, interrogating the tensions between women and children as nationalistic markers and the efficacy of human rights discourse. Hesford will examine representations of children growing up in the sex industry and child labor in the "global south," and the degree to which these texts retreat from or advance a notion of global citizenship and agency.

Talk and graduate workshops by Internationally Acclaimed Feminist Scholars M. Jacqui Alexander and Chandra Mohanty, October 23 and 24.

Friday, October 23, 3pm, 120 Clemens Hall: "Envisioning A Radical Transnational Feminist Praxis," an interactive workshop with Professors Mohanty and Alexander on the trajectory of their work. The workshop will entail a reading list with background essays the participants are asked to read ahead of time (RSVP

Nicole Guidotti-Hernandez, to Buffalo.  Dr. Guidotti-Hernandez
presented a talk entitled, "The Bad Fit: Celebratory Chicano Nationalisms and the 1851 Lynching of Josefa/Juanita," on Thursday, April 23 at 4 p.m. in 120 Clemens Hall.

Over 70 people attended the talk and the reception that followed.


Renowned Feminist Scholars to give workshop:

Global Gender Studies will be hosting internationally know feminist scholars, Dr. Chandra Mohanty and Dr. M. Jacque Alexander on October 23 and 24. Dr. Mohanty and Dr. Alexander will be particularly involved in workshops and roundtables on their work with our graduate students.  Please contact the department for further information.