The Department of Transnational Studies

Affiliated and Cooperating Faculty


African and African American Studies

Dr. Lillian Williams

Dr. Keith Griffler


American Studies

Dr. Michael Frisch

Dr. Theresa McCarthy

Dr. Ruth Meyerowitz

Dr. Theresa Runstedtler

Dr. Kari Winter

Dr. Cynthia Wu



Dr. Ana Mariella Bacigalupo

Dr. Vasiliki Neofotistos

Dr. Barbara Tedlock



Dr. Hadas Steiner

Dr. Despina Stratigakos

Dr. Beth Tauke



Dr. Susan Cole


Comparative Literature

Dr. Kalliopi Nikolopoulou

Dr. Ewa Ziarek


School of Education

Dr. Greg Dimitriadis

Dr. Janina Brutt-Griffler

Dr. Lois Weis

Dr. Sarah Robert



Dr. Arabella Lyon

Dr. Carine Mardorossian

Dr. Stacy Hubbard

Dr. Diane Christian

Dr. Hershini Young



Dr. Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen

Dr. Meghan Cope



Dr. James Bono

Dr. Susan Cahn

Dr. Patricia Mazon


Law School

Dr. Lucinda Finley

Dr. Martha McCluskey

Dr. Teresa Miller

Dr. Sue Mangold

Dr. Isabel Marcus

Dr. Lynn Mather

Dr. Athena Mutua

Dr. Stephanie Phillips


Media Studies

Dr. Sarah Bay-Cheng

Dr. Sarah Elder



Dr. Stephanie L. Vander Wel



Dr. Patricia McCartney

Dr. Mary Ann Jezewski



Dr. Carolyn Korsmeyer


Romance Languages and Literature

Dr. Christian Flaugh

Dr. Elizabeth Scarlett

Dr. Margarita Vargas



Dr. Brenda Moore

Dr. Chris Mele

Dr. Debra Street

Dr. Kristen Schultz Lee

Dr. Mary Nell Trautner


Urban and Regional Planning

Dr. Kathryn Foster


Visual Studies

Dr. Jolene Rickard

Dr. Elizabeth Otto